In view of prevailing situation in the country as a result of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), the entire country has been locked down till 31st May, 2020. As most of the citizens are inside their houses, we are introducing few activities relating to road safety to have a meaningful and enriching experience

"Let's collectively try to make an accident free society"

Shri Sanjeeb Panda, IPS                  
Transport Commissioner-cum-Chairman, STA

Super round Quiz Answer(24/05/2020 8PM)

Super Round Quiz (24th May, 2020) Result

Congratulations Lipsa Chakra of Keonjhar for winning Online Quiz Competition on Road Safety, 2nd phase scoring 35 marks (30 for 30 right answers + 5 marks for submitting in 12 minutes 13 seconds). She will receive Rs 20K cash prize. Gauranga Chandra Behera secured 2nd position scoring 30.5 marks(26 mark for 26 right - 0.5 for two wrong answers + 5 marks for submitting in 11 minutes 57 seconds). He will receive Rs 10K as prize money. Subhankar Priyadarshi secured 3rd position with 30.5 marks (26 mark for 26 right - 0.5 for two wrong answers + 5 marks for submitting in 11 minutes 58 seconds). He will receive Rs 5K as prize money.

Five Participants scored 30.5, so the 2nd & 3rd positions were decided by time taken to submit the quiz. The Online Road Safety Quiz Competition phase two was conducted from 22nd April to 1st May.

Based on the performance in ten quizzes, 100 participants were selected to take part in Super round along with three wild card entries. Super Round Quiz was conducted on 24.5.2020 on a timed mode from 8 PM to 8.15 PM. The participants had to answer 30 questions in 15 minutes. Each right answer had 1 mark and each wrong answer had - 0.25 marks.

There was time bonus of 5 marks for submitting the quiz quickly.
Submission Time(ST) <=12:30  : 5 marks 
ST > 12:30 and <= 13:00  :4 marks
ST > 13:00 and <= 13:30  :3 marks
ST > 13:30 and <= 14:00  :2 marks
ST > 14:00 and <= 14:30  :1 mark
89 participants took part in the SUPER Round. We thank our volunteers Sarbajit and Shibun for helping us in the conduct of the second phase quiz competition and the SUPER Round.

"Let's hope together we can make our roads safer."

Practice Quizs

Practice Quiz Phase-II
From 5th to 16th, May, please participate in the 10 (Test-13 to Test-22) practice quizzes. This is not a competition. Ten participants will be given a token appreciation of Rs 500 each for completing all 10 practice quizzes. In case of tie, it will be done through draw of lots from among the participants who get more than 60% in aggregate in all 10 quizzes.
You can appear at your convenience at any time and complete one or more quiz a day till 16th. Please enter your mobile number correctly to avoid inconvenience.

Practice Test-13

Practice Test-14

Practice Test-15

Practice Test-16

Practice Test-17

Practice Test-18

Practice Test-19

Practice Test-20

Practice Test-21

Practice Test-22


2020 Roadsafety Week Competition Details and Winners

To create awareness about road safety the department has condcuted various kinds of innovative road safety awareness competition this time. The events are aimed at all category of people like school and college students as well general public

Quiz Competition

The theme of the quiz Competition is "Road Safety". The objective of the quiz is not to test your knowledge, but to make you aware about road safety related questions and their answers.

1st Prize: 20000
2nd Prize: 10000
3rd Prize: 6000

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Idea Competition

There are 11 themes for the idea competition this time. Click the link for details. The participant has to record a video for 30 sec to 1 minute max and upload it on you tube. The video should be based on the given themes.

1st Prize: 50000
2nd Prize: 30000
3rd Prize: 20000

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You need to make a digital cartoon or poster based on the given 11 themes and upload that through a link provided to you. You may make it digitally or you draw the art on paper and take a photo of it and than upload.

1st Prize: 10000
2nd Prize: 6000
3rd Prize: 4000

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Mascot Design

You need to make a digital art for road safety mascot and upload that through a link provided to you. You may also draw the art on paper and take a photo of it and than upload.

Best Design: 50000

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Mascot Name

You need to give a suitable name for road safety mascot and provide that through a link provided to you

Best Name: 20000

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2019 Competition Winners/Statistics

Quiz Competition
1st Prize: Susmita Mahapatra
2nd Prize: Goutam Mishra
3rd Prize: Siddhartha Kumar kunda
Idea Competition
1st Prize: Satya Swarup kanungo
2nd Prize: Kiran Kumar Potnuru
3rd Prize: Sibanand Biswal


Quiz Participants


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